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The Most Powerful Company in the World!

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About Us

We have no goals or objectives.

Our store is through Cafepress. Lots of fun stuff and more to come as we obfuscate our way to become the most powerful company in the world!

Rest assured we are more legitimate than most stocks offered on the OTCBB. Help us rise to greatness. Show your support and browse around...

Corporate®Dick is all about survival in the corporate world. We provide numerous items of non-value added significance. We also provide to the entire world the most powerful CEO of all time. Won't you celebrate the greatness with us?

Our founder and CEO single handedly discovered the number one corporate disease of our time, Managementally Transmitted Diseases (MTDs). With this discovery came the development of a line of defense in the form of corporate condoms of various designs to assist employees to make it through just one more marginal day in the corporate confines. Samples are at left.

God Bless Corporate Dick!

What we have discovered is that our line of products offer some accomodating protection to the number one killer of corporate minds across the globe. This killer, known as Managementally Transmitted Diseases (MTDs), cause us to sincerely hope that you acquire some of our functional MTD mitigators so that we can continue our research programs, while at the same time providing your co-workers directions to our site that there is a place to get help. Suicide is not the answer.

We are a small company that should be worth about $15,000,000,000,000.00 in 6 months if our public offering on the OTCBB goes as planned. Look for us on the pink sheets too.

Again, this is the place to have fun, waste some time before that special meeting with people you really don't want to see, and to purchase corporate gear that just might provide you fall protection as you climb the corporate ladder. We offer various levels of protection no matter what level you are at on the corporate ladder. From just starting out to the final death spiral. It is essential that you protect yourself, your family, and of course your fellow corporate citizens. Where you have ample opportunity to exploit yourself and others!


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Fighting Managementally Transmitted Disease (MTDs)